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Dr. Cristina Imre,

A natural-born entrepreneur, founded and managed multiple businesses, solely owned or in partnerships. Her last business was built around her true passion for people, gaining big popularity and reputation in the training/coaching/public speaking industry.

She trained and coached an impressive number of people in different industries, mainly executive and management teams, using the values of her brand Platinum Development: “designing excellence in your professional and personal life”. Her main focus pointed out the importance of leadership, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, communication, sales, all having personal development at the core. Her favorite techniques come from NLP and Psycho-Cybernetics, having a Master Trainer International Certification since 2008.

After more than 15 years of work experience in the human field, establishing her name in all the areas she pursued, Cristina takes off to pursue her ultimate dream of being an author.
“This way I can share my knowledge and experiences to a wide audience, helping people all over the world to achieve their personal excellence”, says Cristina.


But wait, there’s more! Cristina dares to switch genre and prove herself in the world of  Fiction with her new release, part of a breathtaking series, Jennifer. A series designed for all the fans of the words mystery, thriller, suspense, murder, occult, sprinkled with romance.

“I’ve always wanted to do this. Not many people know but I’ve started many novels in the past, just to explore my imagination. I am a big fan of the Mistery, Thriller/Suspence genre, and today I decided to immerse myself in this world,” explains Cristina.

Her hidden passion for mystery and forensics it’s finally revealed. Together with her medical background and criminalist blood – through her late grandfather – she developed an inner knowledge of the human mind as well as pathology and deviations from the normal. She seriously studied murder cases during her life, reading a wide number of Best Sellers in the area. Her favorite authors list include names as: Patricia Cornwell, Mary Jane Clark, Robert Crais, Anne Perry or Ann Rule.


Her first two books (NONFICTION), part of the series, “The Hidden Language of the Mind”   can be found on Kindle Amazon, soon in Paperback.

You can buy it here:
The Hidden Language of the Mind: Self Help Guide: Explaining the hard stuff the easy way

Inside the Mind of a Successful Entrepreneur

First FICTION book from the Series Jennifer:

THA: The Halloween Attraction – Hidden Angels

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