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If you love to read and you are a:

  • Blogger

or maybe a

  • Qualified Reviewer

… you could be interested in my proposal.

Here it is:

You can read my books – one at a time – for free. In exchange, you will help readers to reach my books.

You can read fresh titles before they were even released. This could help to promote the new books to the right audience in the right time. You can choose from Fiction or Nonfiction, just follow the titles on this site.

To reach my readers worldwide I am willing to let book fans to enjoy what they love most, READ. Enjoy my books and share their experience.

Your work should be easy. Read and share. You can supply an article on your blog, writting an honest and informative review. Or you can share your reviews on dedicated sites. Or promote it between your friends on Social Media. Depends on your expertise and how fit are you for the job. In case you are you’ll become member of the Blogger’s Corner. Our partnership can develop in time and bring mutual benefits.

Are you interested and suited for the job?

Then apply with courage:

Application Form

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