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Did you ever wonder why people lie?

There are so many premises about the subject, but no-one goes to the core of our human evolution, or if you prefer, our essence of things.
Imagine, for example, what sets us apart as specie? If you would want to identify the most powerful ruler from within yourself, what would you choose? Would it be logic? Or maybe intellect or power to reason? Although, they may seem important and they surely are, the most important cause for all of our actions is something else.

I prepared you a fascinating reading putting together facts, data and a lot of food for your thoughts, finally revealing my point of view. I studied people in all settings, I worked with them in different form, my experience with human knowledge goes way back for 20 years, yes I started early. You will find my point and arguments on the issues strongly justified. And with this knowledge ahead, you can change a lot about the quality of your life and results of your actions. You could even achieve things you never thought are possible.

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Release Date: November 2016

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In less than 1 month from release (28.09.2014-14.10.2014) the first part of Jennifer reached over 300 readers, gaining popularity and very good reviews. Now Jennifer returns in the second book developing the storyline and answering to questions emmerged in the first book. Many eyebrows were raised as reaction to this story, unanswered mystery and data left imagination racing.

Jennifer, Nate, Hal, George and new characters will gain shape and important roles in the Book of this Winter. A lot of mystery will be solved and many more to come.

Early Release Date: November 23!

If you are not wired yet read the first book – HERE – just in time to enjoy its continuation.

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