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The Hidden Language of the Mind | Kindle eBook!

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This is the first book of the series “The Hidden Language of the Mind”, a self-help written by established trainer, speaker and entrepreneur Cristina Imre. The book aims to help you understand your mind power, how it works, and how can be used to achieve the best results, offering a range of different views to be easily understandable for all readers. It’s an eye opener about how your inner programs work and how can you change them if you want to. It is about how you really function as a human being and how to use all of these to become a great communicator.

In the first book, Cristina starts with the basics:
– what should you know about your mind and brain relationship;
– how you represent the outside world and create your own inner one;
– how do you form your memories and what impact they have on you;
– why are stories so powerful and how to use them;
– the mind’s mirror and the influence over your life;
– the importance of emotions to can gain your control back;
– manipulation or reality;
– tips and advices;
– practical exercises;
– how to have a happy mind.
All in a cheerful, personal and easy way.
“You cannot fulfill your purpose without knowing how your power software, “the mind”, works. Unfortunately many are in this situation. Countless books tell you the top 10 success formula, what to do to achieve success, but less are talking about the correct order. This is why you could find yourself pursuing someone else’s dreams, doing what others do and want you to do, not fully understand the principles and keeping yourself constantly unhappy”, states Cristina. “I want people to understand and regain their power in the right way, knowing the main language of their inner programming. This is how you can fulfill your destiny and achieve the best results.”

Please be seated and start your journey to become aware and fully in charge of your life.
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